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Do you remember how you felt after your first appointment in the salon? That feeling of "Wow! I can't believe a new style would make me feel so good about myself?" I do. 

I'm Kelleigh Chapman, and that is the reason I joined this industry. I knew at an early age this is the career I've always wanted. I remember that feeling of new found confidence as a shy teenager, and my goal is for every single client that leaves the salon door feel that way after their appointment with me. 

I started Cosmetology school right out of high school in 2011, and I have never looked back. What makes me unique in this industry is that I am such a perfectionist. It is almost a flaw, but you will never leave with less than my best. I like to educate myself on the best way of doing things. I will not stop until I find what works best for me and my clients. 

I am learning not to take myself so seriously. I mess up my words all the time. My loyal clients already know what I am trying to say before I even correct myself. I can promise you I will always keep you entertained. I met my husband Chase when I was a senior in high school. We got married a short 7 years later. We truly balance each other out.  We have one non-stop baby boy and he is our world. Being his Mama is even better than I could have imagined. We have 3 crazy dogs and they fit in just right in our circus of a home. There is never a dull moment in our house right now and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

If you're new to the salon, I like to give you a step by step of what our plan is so you know what to expect. You can sit back and relax with a wide variety of music, coffee bar, or indulge in some treats. The salon has the best of both worlds when it comes to combining a great salon experience with the feel of home sweet home. If this sounds like something you're looking for, Book an appointment below. If you have any questions, send me a message. I'd love to connect! 

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